Balance blood uric acid, relieve pains for gout sufferers
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Blood Uric Acid Balance Tea              

[Product Name ] Blood Uric Acid Balance Tea

[Main ingredients ] Kudzu, Se-enriched Tea,Flora Tea

[Specification ]2.5g×20 satchel /box

[Direction ]Pick the teabag into the cup,brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink, every teabag can be repeated brew for 2-3 times until it diluted.1-2 teabags each time ,twice one day .

[Attention  ]This product cannot replace medicine .

[Storage ]Store in a cool dry place.

[Validity ]Two year

[Healthcare Function]:

??Soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation of heart and brain

??Balance blood uric acid, relieve pains for gout sufferers

??Strengthen the kidney, tonify the spleen, nourish the lung and enrich the essence


Shennongjia pure natural herbs.


Mining and organizing on the basis of folk prescriptions,condense essence with advanced technology.


Natural materials without any additives,research prove it’s reliable and safe, no toxic side-effects.naturally caffeine free .


Exclusive formula,technique,taste accomplish its unique effect.


Organic combination of tea with chinese medicine, traditional culture and modern technology ,effectiveness and convenience.

Exclusive effectiveness?

Adopting drug carrying mechanism with tea, Deacidification Tea through a variety of active ingredients rapid penetration around the joint, can quickly repair high uric acid crystals’ damages to joint synovial cavity, strengthen liver and kidney functions, thus rapidly decrease UA generation, increase renal excretion, and correct purine metabolism disorders.