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Herbal teas have been around almost as long as humans have had access to hot water and herbs, which has been a long time. Even prehistoric man made teas for drinking and soothing. It is also clear that the uses of water infused with herbs has long been known in the tribal cultures of the world, and have been transmitted from generation to generation in almost all societies.

Herbal teas have always held an important place in natural medicine. Before science was able to diagnose and treat with antibiotics and other modern methods, those who had knowledge of herbs and how to make herbal teas were highly respected because their teas are able to greatly assist those who have suffered from various ailments.

Herbal teas are still very useful, especially for people who want to limit their consumption of caffeine, and enjoying the natural methods of healing insomnia, menstrual pain, body detoxification and helps with clearing the mind.

Herbal teas have multiple uses. You would be surprised what effects even common herbs can have on your body.

Herbals are the way of the future.

Herbal teas can even help you lose weight. An infusion of mature leaves of myrtle, sage, juniper berries and leaves of nettle can help you flush your system and control the urge to snack and eat all the time. Of course, the teas are no substitute for medical care. You should never try to use an herbal tea remedy when you are seriously ill.

In addition to these common-sense measures, you should feel free to enjoy the taste and the very positive effects that herbal teas have. Try to mix your own if you are feeling adventurous, or buy in any health store. Many experts believe that herbal teas are best made of sheets of loose tea, but there is certainly nothing wrong with using herbal tea bags if the convenience suits you best. Drinking herbal tea is an excellent way to maintain your health, experience new tastes, and be part of a legacy that has stretched throughout human history.

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