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Green Slimming Product of lotus Slimming Tea
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      This Chinese slimming tea, is made from extract of Chinese herbal medicine under low tempera- ture, can quicklyimprove intestinal motility, with effects of"slimming, detoxification, flat belly, moisture intestines, laxative".

     It can help people dissolve the fat of gastrointestinal tract, block fat absorption and eliminate subcutaneous adipose.

Fundamentally eliminate fat accumulation on body back, abdomen, buttocks.No bounce, no fatigue, no anorexia, no side effects, it is the real advanced green tea weight loss product.Natural Max Slimming Special is herbal formula for slimming.

   It can suppress appetite, enhance metabolism, promote fat digestion and blood circulation, antidrug

sterilization, can not cause diarrhea, no side effect.

 [Ingredients ]  lotus leaf,hawthora,cassia seed,orange peel,poria

 [ Direction  ] Place 1 teabag into hot water for 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times daily.

 [ Specification ] 2g per bag, 25 bags per box.

 [ Storage ]Keep in cool, dry and ventilated place.


1: Promote fat metabolism and decomposition;

2: Accelerate to burn excess body fat and maintain fat metabolism balance;

3: Eliminate fat accumulation on body, back, abdomen, buttocks;

4:Dissolve the fat of gastrointestinal tract, overcome and avoid diseases such as nerve damage suppression;

5: Detoxification beauty, anti-aging.

    Direction Put 1 bag of diet tea into about 200ml boiling water. Drink it after soaking for 3 - 5 minutes. ( normally one dose can be made for

3 - 4 times). Greater effect will be gained if you drink it about half an hour after meal.

Main Ingredients Lotus Leaves, muberry leaf, Cassia seed, etc.

Unsuitable Group Woman at gestation and lactation. Storage Store in a dry and cool place.

Specification Net : 2.5g /Tea Bag (20 Tea bags per box )

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Main Function

Loss Wweight

Main Ingredien

Lotus Leaf,Hawthora,Cassia seed,Orange peel,Poria

Per Carton

87 Piece/Carton



Shlef life

24 months

Shipping Terms

by Express ,by Air ,by Sea