Kidney Energizing Tea/ Energy Tonic Tea
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Kidney Energizing Tea/ Energy Tonic Tea
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Energy Tonic Tea      

 〖Product Name 〗Energy tonic  Tea

〖Main ingredients 〗maca powder ,Cordyceps Militaris Extract,puer

〖Specification〗2.5g×20 satchel /box

〖Direction〗Pick the teabag into the cup,brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink, every teabag can be repeated brew for 2-3 times until it diluted.1-2 teabags each time ,twice one day .

〖Attention .〗This product cannot replace medicine .

〖Storage〗Store in a cool dry place.

〖Validity 〗Two year

 [Healthcare Function]:

1,   Dual govern Yin and yang system, essence total compensations

2,  Balanced interaction, accumulate renal sources

3,,  Nourish kidney, a total complement of essence

4,  Improve the capacity and quality of male sexual life

5,   Anti-aging,


Shennongjia pure natural herbs.


Mining and organizing on the basis of folk prescriptions,condense essence with advanced technology.


Natural materials without any additives,research prove it’s reliable and safe, no toxic side-effects.naturally caffeine free .


Exclusive formula,technique,taste accomplish its unique effect.


Organic combination of tea with chinese medicine, traditional culture and modern technology ,effectiveness and convenience.

Exclusive effectiveness:

 Energy Tonic Tea is developed specially for sub-healthy people. In the highly competitive modern society, along with great tension of life and increase of work pressure, the sub-healthy group is raising at a high rate, thus resulting in less-energetic, fatigue, inefficiency, impotence, nervous, insomnia, hair-losing and immunity deficiency etc.This product tastes good and can be taken long-term without any toxicity[tɑk'sɪsəti] and side effects


Energy Tonic Tea  




maca powder ,Cordyceps Militaris Extract,puer


Place one teabag in boiled water for 3-4 minutes before drinking ,take1-2 times daily, one bag each time.


keep in cool and dry places, avoid direct sunlight

Valid period

24 months


Not for pregnant or breast-feeding women


This product can not replace medicine.