Notoginsing herbal tea ,lower three high
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Notoginseng Tea
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  Panax notoginseng, also known as pseudo-ginseng, the famous Ming Dynasty pharmacologist Shizhen Li called it as "Not to be exchanged ever for gold ". It’s the jewel in the Chinese herbal medicines, the Qing Dynasty Pharmaceutical book "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" records: " ginseng nourish one’s vitality, Panax replenish one’s blood, two flavor taste alike and functions equivalent, so called Panax ginseng, the most precious item in Chinese medicine.” The world-known Chinese patented drug “Yunnan White Drug” and “Pien Tze Huang” all made of panax as main raw material. Panax belongs to the Araliaceae perennial herb, it’s called “Three-seven” because it can be dredged in three to seven years after sowing, each plant grow three petiole and each petiole giving birth to seven leaves. Its stems, leaves and flowers can be used as medicine

[Main ingredients] :Panax extracts, natural sweet tea, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese olive and chrysanthemum etc

[Specification ] 2.5gx20teabags/box?160boxes/uni

[Healthcare effectiveness ]

1,Expand blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve microcirculation.

2,Increase blood flow volume, prevent cardiovascular tissue ischemia, hypoxia etc.