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Post date: wan song tang

In recent years, as people's health awareness enhanced and rapid expansion in the tea beverage market, the market for traditional herbal health tea and various herbal teas has already been the biggest new bright spot. According to statistics, the global health drink growth rate will be higher than normal (2% to 3%), at 1 times higher rate of growth. Our tea production output in 2002 has risen to second in the beverage industry, reaching more than 180 million tons, while health beverage which is built on traditional Chinese medicine and modern health theory, with physical function and health preservation has already received vast welcome by the market, we believe its outlook is getting better in the future.

A cup of tea, stronger body day by day has become the consensus, health tea consumption demand more and more, the market space will also cover the entire home and abroad. Currently, the processing of health tea has become a trend in full swing!

 We are professional at providing customized service according to customer's requirements, We can provide customers with store design combined with the products, or provide solutions, probably by we help design. Once the two sides reached a cooperation intention, we started to prepare your production

Also we have our own tea brand WANSONTANG With patent. The WANSONGTANG Series are all made of traditional Chinese herbs

to help people keep healthy bodies. They are of no harm to human beings,no side effects after drinking, and can strong you body,

keep you away from disease.